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Wood Porch Rails  
Wood Porch Rails

Spanish Cedar

Rails supplied in lengths up to 8'. Rails and Balustrades are shipped unassembled. Order two Balustrades per foot of rail ordered.

Important Ordering Instructions:
Prices listed below are per foot. For example, if you wish to order a 5 foot rail, you must enter a quantity of 5 to the shopping basket (i.e. Add '5' to shopping basket).

To order an exact cut length:
If you need a more specific measurement (like 5.75 feet), indicate it in the Exact Cut Length field below. You will be charged for the next whole foot length. So, for example, if you wanted to order a 5.75 foot length, you should write in '5.75 feet' and order a 6 foot segment.

To order more than one segment:
If you want more than one segment of the same wood type, add up the lengths using the pop-up calculator and enter the total quantity to the shopping basket as described above. Be sure to specify the exact lengths in the space provided. For example, you might enter exact lengths of '1-4 foot, and 2-5.5 foot cuts'. In this case you should add '15' (your total length) to the shopping basket.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Price: $13.30


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